Today is not just another “today.” For some reason, today feels different and for the first time I did not compile a list of resolutions.

See, I know my resolutions off by heart because I've been writing them every year for years now. With the best intentions I boldly begin, thinking "this will be THE year" and by the time New Year comes around again, I realise just how far I missed my goals. Don't get me wrong, there are positives and achievements in each year but self-doubt and fear stop me from taking the really giant leaps.

Not this year. It's time to start a brand new page and write a new chapter. Time to start living my best life!

Dont stop yourself from greatness before you've begun from fear or from self-doubt. You were put here on this planet to do great things, to pioneer change by way of your own personal uniqueness, and to express yourself and share your happiness with others.

— Kaiden Blake —

With that in mind - welcome to my new website! I hope you will follow me on my crazy adventure and that we all embrace the challenges and opportunities that may present themselves in the coming year. The list of big things I want to do this year includes publishing the very first edition of Eventing Times magazine, make my application to the BIPP British Institute of Professional Photography and give my home a serious makeover (I can be a bit of a clutter bug!). The rest I’d rather just take it a step at a time instead of overwhelming myself with things to achieve.

What will you plan for this year? Whatever it may be, I wish you all the best.

To new adventures! 

Katie xo

"“Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself. Believe in yourself, your abilities and your own potential. Never let self-doubt hold you captive. You are worthy of all that you dream of and hope for."

—Roy T. Bennett