Not What I Had In Mind ...

When the new website went live, I deliberated about publishing my "Happy New Year" post. Instead of the exciting plans I had laid out, and the countdown clock getting ever near to Eventing season; the World was thrown in to the midst of a deadly pandemic. Suddenly. everything ground to a halt. Any plans I had made now seemed to be (with any luck) another year away.

Typically, with the exception of looking forward to Christmas and spending time with my family, I spend winter counting down to the spring! I usually feel so far away when so many of my photographer "clan" are based in the South. This winter was a little different. I have been working away behind the scenes on the magazine and had been fortunate to have a visit with one of my most favourite humans, Hannah. I was in a happy cloud of ideas and layouts and content planning. It was a hive of excitement and nerves and possibility!

Suddenly, it didn't matter that I was so far North. It wouldn't matter where I am right now. We are all in lockdown and (at present) there is no Eventing season to look forward to. One of my dear friends, Tilly, eloquently summarised our experience in one word "equi~distant". It doesn't matter where we are based logistically, we are all separated for now. We are all experiencing the same feelings, all isolated and all without our community.

This weekend would have been my first outing, off to the Eventing Spring Carnival at Thoresby Park. Instead, I am eating lemon drizzle cake and watching it snow outside ~ the irony of day one of British Summer Time! I am continuing to work away on the magazine, aware a delay may be implemented until I am allowed to visit riders and work on photoshoots, etc. I have learnt to use Zoom so I can have group chats with my friends and see their lovely faces, ensuring we don't feel too alone in our confinement. I have started working through my clutter at home, hoping my agitation will help with ruthless throwing away of needless junk!

For now, I feel like that time between Christmas and New Year. You know, where you have no idea what day it is and any time of day is suitable for cheese, chocolate or gin! Not ideal when you were trying to work on your summer body, but at this rate my holiday will be going from the living room in to the garden ~ providing it doesn't decide to rain!

I hope that you are all finding ways to stay smiling. I know that this is a difficult time. Although we can't be out and about together, we can still all be a community that supports each other 🖤