You're getting MARRIED!

Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS! You are probably caught up in a whirlwind of excitement and ideas with so many possibilities to choose from. Are you in love with the idea of a winter wonderland theme or do you prefer the colours when spring is in bloom? Deciding on a country house, city chic or a relaxed beach affair? Maybe you don't want to chance the British rain and choose to whisk yourselves off to a faraway land or decide you are happiest with just the two of you and elope? The good news is that I can be happily clad in wellies, heels, or flip-flops!

This is why I love Weddings. Each one is unique and tailor made to fit that particular couple. Your day should be full of happiness and laughter, accept that things might not always go to plan and embrace the quirks. I encourage my clients to share their style ideas and the signature shots they would love to have captured in our initial meeting, but then their focus should be on each other. I choose not to work from lists, you lose the magic and spontaniety of being in the moment. My inspiration comes from the day itself and the best images from your Wedding will be the ones you had no idea were being taken.

I love being creative but I have a relaxed approach, preferring to document the day as it unfolds around me. I watch for the smiles, laughter and happy tears shared between you and your guests. I have a keen eye for the 'little details' that you have no doubt put a lot of thought in to. I will also guide you through any of the styled or posed images as it is hugely important that you feel comfortable and natural. I cannot bear having my photograph being taken, I always feel awkward and shy so I try to ensure that you both have an enjoyable experience and we banish anything remotely unflattering (although I am certain you will take extremely beautiful photographs!)

I am fiercely invested in creating your memories. I choose my clients as carefully as they choose me. If you value your Wedding photography and are looking for an investment that you can relive and that will last long after you have devoured the cake and hung up your dress/suit in the wardrobe; if you are looking for someone that you can just be "You" around on one of the best days of your life; if you want an extra 'friend' who will make sure your shoelaces are tied, your lipstick isn't smudged and that you have the most fun possible then let me know your date. I will be waiting.