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Hopefully you made your way here because you saw one of my images or someone told you about me. Maybe you just stumbled across my page by accident? Either way, Welcome!

You probably already know all you need to know about me just by looking at the images I have captured. 

I am incredibly lucky to have been involved with horses every day of my life. I grew up in the beautiful countrysides of Hampshire and then North Yorkshire. I was a member of the Lo Wu Pony Club in Hong Kong as a youngster and since 2012 I have photographed British Eventing events throughout the UK for a number of equine publications. I now have the privilege of photographing clients and their horses.

Really, its all about you. The bond that you have with your horse/s is like no other. It is my aim to capture your bond with authentic and natural images that will last a lifetime.




Pre Shoot


As part of working together, it is important to me that you feel relaxed and happy and you have a clear idea of what you want and what to expect during your shoot.


Once you have confirmed your choice of date and the shoot you would like you will have access to my client area
Think about the backdrops on location, the light that will be available and look for offerings such as gates, trees, pathways etc. Is there somewhere you would like to transport your horse too? Woodland, beaches, hills.
In hand, mounted, black background, studio lights, 
n regards to what you should wear, bringing a mix of casual outfits and slightly more dressy outfits will give good options for us to choose from. Also, make sure to choose colors that will stand out next to your horse’s coat, so if your horse is a chestnut definitely avoid any brown clothing

Photo Shoot


This is the fun part! 

• Final Prep
Keep your horse as clean as possible overnight and before the session so right before the session you can shine their coat up and be ready to go. Give your bridle or leather halter a good cleaning the day before so it will look brand new in the pictures.

 Other members of the family (including 4 legged!) can also be photographed with the horse during the shoot. 

• On Location
In hand, mounted, black background, studio lights,

• Mishaps
One question I frequently get asked is “what if my horse doesn’t behave?” … whose does?! I have one horse who absolutely knows when the camera is on him, stands 19h with pricked ears, whilst my mare will demolish the set and try to eat the studio frame! I work around your horse. He or she will let me know when they are ready and failing that we have bribery! The important thing is not to worry.



Post Shoot 


Retouching and perfecting each final image from your shoot. Post production of your wedding photography, including full artistic editing in my unique signature style and look.

Online password protected gallery to view your photography as well as to share with Friends and Family

• Ordering
The option to purchase a number of products directly from our website to showcase your photography including:
   • Professional prints
   • Canvas
   • Photo books and Albums
   • USB and print

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