~ Equine Portraiture and Fine Art ~



Whether you made your way here because you saw one of my images, perhaps I was recommended, or you just stumbled across my page by accident, no matter the journey, welcome.

You probably already know all you need to know about me just by looking at the images I have captured. 

I am incredibly lucky to have been involved with horses every day of my life. I grew up in the beautiful countrysides of Hampshire and then North Yorkshire. I was a member of the Lo Wu Pony Club in Hong Kong as a youngster and since 2012 I have photographed British Eventing events throughout the UK for a number of equine publications. I now have the privilege of photographing clients and their horses.

Really, its all about you. The bond that you have with your horse/s is like no other. It is my aim to capture your bond with authentic and natural images that will last a lifetime.